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Verijet Increases Aircraft Fleet and Pilots to Address Outstanding Demand

Richard Kane, CEO of VERIJET, announced the arrival of three additional Cirrus Vision Jet SF50 G2s to the fleet July 14th, 2021. This will significantly increase aircraft availability for flyers looking for better solutions.

verijet fleet

Jason Bercan, Director of Sales at VERIJET , and his sales team are ecstatically happy because they can now satisfy more leisure and business customers that appreciate the value and advantages of private jet charter. Jason and his team are all passionate about delighting customers. Jason mentioned the following points regarding the need to expand the VERIJET fleet and operations footprint:

  • We are seeing overwhelming demand for short haul missions that is driving the overall market even as pandemic concerns wane. Travel consumers are starting to understand the previously understated value and convenience of private air travel. And that it can be ecologically friendly to the planet as well!

  • Consumer confidence is soaring! We’re getting new customers every day! We’re seeing flight bookings that are scheduled two to four or more weeks in advance!

  • We are seeing a record increase in repeat customers and bookings! This indicates the confidence that our customers have in the safety and reliability of VERIJET’s aircraft, the customer-centric emphasis of the VERIJET team, and overall superior service performance.

  • In particular, expanding the fleet means CREATING MORE JOBS that include not only the need for more pilots but also the need for more operations/dispatch, maintenance, administration, and IT technology positions.

Another fleet of Jets is on order with Cirrus and will roll off the assembly line quickly over the coming months. In the meantime, VERIJET hired more pilots and is putting them thru type training with support from Cirrus. All VERIJET pilots meet stringent requirements for flight hours and experience and are FAA certified Air Transport Pilots (ATP). But they still must be type trained and rated for the SF50 Vision Jet and complete VERIJET’s own safety program.

pilot jobs

VERIJET’s service footprint will also be expanding soon! Stay on the lookout for announcements of new service areas, locations, and travel packages becoming available soon! Richard and the VERIJET team are committed to be the leading provider of safe, comfortable, and fastest short-haul, on-demand aviation charter services in the US. And they intend to do that as quickly as possible to help more people, in more places, get the air transport services they want, need, and deserve!

Where would you like to VJET today? Go to our website at, http://verijet.com or call us at 833-VERIJET. Let us help you get the flight solutions you deserve. It’s about time!

Onwards and upwards!


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